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  1. Jean C

    5 years ago

    Thank You Steve for your fast and efficient service .I cant believe how long I have put up with my computer in the state it was in.
    I have had it looked at by 2 other “EXPERTS” and was about to throw it in the bin when i found your number on Yell. The difference in Fantastic!! IT works !! Thank you. Jean

  2. John Carmichael

    5 years ago

    I had what I thought was a problem with my WiFI.
    When Steve turned up, he realised the problem straight away! I’d pressed the WiFi button and turned it off! DOH!!
    I couldn’t believe it.
    Steve wasn’t going to charge me, but I insisted he took a fiver for his petrol.
    Would not hesitate to use him the next time I do something daft :)
    Top bloke, thanks Steve.

  3. David Drinkwater

    5 years ago

    After dealing with another “specialist” I was very pleased that I was able to ask Steve to help me out. I know how to operate the PC to a certain extent but he has been invaluable in talking me through procedures over the phone and has also helped on the occasional visit when required.
    Thoroughly recommended.

  4. Brian Lumley

    5 years ago

    I have used SyntaxRepairs on more than two occasions now, and I will continue to do so. The level of service I received for what little money I paid was simply unbelievable.

  5. Susan Price

    5 years ago

    My laptop suddenly stopped working on Boxing day, so I thought I’d push my luck and give Steve a ring. To my surprise, Steve picked my laptop up within a couple of hours, and had it back to me the very next day.
    Thank you ever so much.

  6. Craig Law

    5 years ago

    I was after a new system and contacted Steve (SytaxRepairs), on the basis of a recommendation, with a proposed system. Steve managed the sourcing of hardware, built the system and saved me money in the process! Steve then purchased and installed Windows and all relevant software, delivering an ready to use system!

    Fantastic and friendly service and all at a price that keeps your wallet happy!


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