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We like to keep our prices simple, with no worries of prices escalating along with job times.

That’s why in most cases we charge a fixed price for all your problems!
In fact, for nearly all the repairs we undertake, we charge a one off £35, no matter how long it takes to repair!

Home PC prices:

Desktops> All problems fixing: £35 plus the price of any relevent parts and/or software choices

Laptops> All software problems fixing: £35 plus the price of any software choices. Due to the complexity of modern laptops, any hardware faults requiring chassis dismantling are £55 plus parts. * Simple hardware installations not requiring dismantling are charged at the same £35 rate along with software.

Data recovery is £35 plus £5 per 4.5 gb (dvd) of data recovered. *All recovered data is given to the customer and no further copies are held after the job has been completed due to data protection and customer privacy, and further more: all data is handled with utmost confidentiality!


Fault> Laptop isn’t booting, and prior to this it was running extremely slowly and very hot, and only charged with the lead in a certain position.

Outcome> Due to the severity of the faults the laptop is taken away to be repaired in the office, where the laptop gets stripped down and all dust and contaminants cleaned and removed from the fans and cooling surfaces.The hard drive is removed and any valuable data that hasn’t been permanently destroyed and can be recovered, is backed up to dvd’s. Corrupt system files are repaired, viruses removed, spyware removed, and the operating system gets a “spring clean” to bring it back to full operating speed. The soldering to the charging socket is re-soldered to repair a faulty connection and then the hard drive is replaced, and the laptop re-assembled and cleaned on the outside, a top quality free anti virus software package is also provided. Final price: £60


If in the above example, the operating system wasn’t recoverable, then we would require any relevent “recovery” disks that came with your pc / laptop, to reinstall all the system software and operating system. Please make sure you have your Certificate of Authenticity still either attached to your pc / laptop, or with your windows software. However, if you have lost / damaged / never owned a copy of your windows installation, then there is sometimes still a perfectly legal and legitimate way to continue without having to purchase a new copy of windows. Please get in touch.

Our current average repair fee.

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For prices of other areas, please simply phone, text, or email and we will get back to you promptly.